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Hi, I’m Peter Mel!

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

I‘m glad you’ve made it to my blog. Firstly and foremost a sincere thank you for spending time with me here. My goal is to entertain more or less and learn to contribute the good parts that I may to this life here on earth. A little about myself is quite obvious, I love the Sea! I am a surfer, husband, father, son, surf shop owner and simple human who’s ironing my way through the wrinkles of life.


Being a broadcaster came early to me in life. Always the class clown and being goofy came naturally, or so I thought. I was also a shy kid and did things for attention. Very confusing. It wasn’t until my favorite teacher encouraged me that I found my voice. Mrs. Jacky Thornehill was my sixth-grade teacher and conduit that invoked my inner MC. Calling me out, she raised my hand as the school talent show MC.She was my earliest guru and showed me ways to guide my talents. Other than surfing. Gramp reading The Night before Christmas, right around the time I found my voice.

My other passion. Surfing!

You probably wouldn’t guess it but my very first experience surfing was terrible. I mean terrible. I basically got god smacked by the ocean, ate seaweed and cried my way back to shore. Now here’s the way life works in mysterious ways. It’s true when they say never give up. It’s not a gimmick because I am proof of that saying. I did give up for a few weeks or months, I can’t remember exactly. I did eventually, to back out and gave my respect to the ocean and she forgave me and believe it not, gifted me with all that I now have. Surfing Mavericks, one of my favorites breaks.

There you have it, a few in's and out's of my life. Tune in for more if you dare. I’m still a class clown in some ways but don’t let that scare you. I promise to contain it if just for a bit to keep you around. Happy surfing!PM #firsttimeblogging #petermel #nevergiveup

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